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Our story begins with the vision of our CEO Rick Teague who has teamed up with Eisenmann; together they are are bringing new technology and know how in PHS. The company begin in early 2016 and now has one of the worlds largest roller hearth furnaces for hot stamping.


The TELOS Global Mission is to be the recognized world leader in providing Leading Edge Press Hardening Solutions as a customer-focused, high-quality, and dependable services company, resulting in outstanding value to our customers and excellent opportunities for our employees.


To be recognized as the preferred partner for Press Hardening Solutions.


Fairness & Respect – We treat employees, customers, suppliers, and neighbors in an ethical and equitable manner.
Risk-Taking – We evaluate the probable benefits, outcomes, costs, and other factors to select the course that offers the optimal results for the company.
Profitability – We strive to achieve annual Profit objectives, maximizing Cash Flow and maintain acceptable debt levels.
Competence – We have fully able employees working together supported by robust processes, clear direction, and effective coordination and collaboration [best people working together in the best ways].
Customer Satisfaction – We accurately identify and meet or exceed agreed-on customer expectations – product quality, delivery, competitive price, and other customer needs – while making a reasonable profit. In addition, We clarify our obligations to our co-workers with respect to the timeliness, accuracy and quality of our outputs to them [Quality is EVERYONE’s responsibility].
Continual Improvement – We make decisions and take actions with the objective of continually improving performance in ALL aspects of the business. We are open to new methods, ideas, and robustness implementation of structured problem-solving.