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About Us

About Us


Our story begins with the vision of our CEO Rick Teague who has teamed up with Eisenmann; together they are are bringing new technology and know how in PHS. The company begin in early 2016 and now has one of the worlds largest roller hearth furnaces for hot stamping.



The automotive market is in constant motion. The pace of technological change has accelerated which has resulted in shorter and more complex development cycles. Therefore, it is vital for us not to rest on the laurels of our experience, but to question and enhance our performance at all times.

TELOS Global specializes in the conception, design, training & consulting services and production associated with high-quality press hardened steel and aluminum stampings, tooling and the associated thermal and production equipment. Our state-of-the-art production line manufactures customized press hardened parts that our engineers develop in close collaboration with our customers. Our in-house toolmaking shop supplies the tooling required – from prototypes through to the serial products. Besides these core competencies, we process products and train on state of the art Equipment using the talent and support of our entire workforce and partners.