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Target-orientated competence development creates the foundation for “Sustainable Business Success”.

The intention of our trainings goes further than qualifying your employees. It is the productive implementation of the learned competences, put into practice, that are a fundamental contribution to your company´s success.

We are here, to support and strengthen your competitive advantage and provide you with what your competitors don’t have.

Our trainings and seminars are not only effective; they are distinguished within the PHS-field and provide you with practical, cutting-edge qualification programs from highly qualified and experienced trainers, consultants and coaches. TELOS Global offers trainings and seminars for specialists who work within the fields of PHS. We also offer individual qualification programs, tailored to your company’s needs.

The aims of our trainings are to train and qualify each participant to meet their specific and individual needs, to structure their workflow and increase the quality and quantity efficiency that benefits the company. Show your customers your technical expertise and impress them with your exceptional understanding of the complete PHS process. Our trainings support you in exceeding expectations, on the customer’s side and in the process. This ensures that you have satisfied and loyal customers who stay with you.

TELOS Global was formed by a group of experts with exceptional and notable backgrounds in the press hardening technology with the aim and focus to support the growing demand for open capacity within the high strength structural components manufacturing industry. As a specialist in worldwide -qualification and further education.

Our company promotes first-class theoretical training in combination with hands-on training at our world class roller hearth PHS line, tool and die shop, design and engineering and 5-axis laser systems. This partnership responds with comprehensive training programs to global challenges in the fields of PHS & lightweight.

Additionally, we also:

– engage in dialog with multilateral faculties and institutions in PHT and participates in institutional and R&D dialog

– observe international trends and development policy, and

– engage in dialog with international partners and research centers, carries out a support function for the entire HR in the fields of  information  management and knowledge transfer

Together we set the standards in high level training and more…