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TELOS Global trainers exercise and manage current and advanced methods in their training and approaches to sustainable teaching and learning. These approaches ensure that you are given both a broader understanding and long- lasting knowledge of the PHT and pre-and post PHS processes. Our training facilities are specifically equipped to simulate real live work experience in PHS.

Your confident and optimized appearance will benefit and meet your customers’ requirements, this results in increasing their long-term satisfaction. After the evaluation during the consulting session and defining your specific goals, you have the opportunity to book one of our various training courses as practical applications and in-depth knowledge.

In today´s competitive market, each employee requires a higher degree of innovation and creativity, specifically in the field of further education. Our trainers and consultants are innovative in their teaching methods, they have comprehensive and extensive knowledge and experience in PHT (Press-Hardening-Technology).

TELOS Global has an expert staff of engineers and technicians with years of hands on experience that has given them the know how and expertise. We have well over 75 years of combined experience in hot stamping from being a tool and die maker all the way up to a plant manager. Our staff has been hand picked for their knowledge and experience when it comes to engineering and production in hot stamping as well as traditional stamping. We are able to provide testing and consulting services to customers globally. If you would like more information please feel free to fill out the contact form below.

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